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Meet Nancy

Nancy has been with Ace Progress for 3 years. Customers on Saturday and Sunday know her as the lightning-quick cashier with the cheerful, enthusiastic attitude. When not running the show up at the front of the store she’s working in our back office helping to keep the paper flowing and the business humming.

If you’ve noticed how bright, fresh, and happy our plants have looked the past few years, you can thank Nancy for that too. She has a degree in Horticulture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo so the plants give her much more cooperation than they give the rest of us.

Nancy has one boy who has completed college and another currently attending. On her days off you might catch her horseback riding and since she’s such an animal lover, you can be sure she’ll offer your dog a treat if you stop by with it in tow.

Be sure and say hi to Nancy the next time you’re in the store. We’re sure she’ll brighten your day just like she brightens ours.

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