Proper outdoor watering is important when maintaining a lush green lawn and garden. Using sprinklers and other watering equipment, along with fertilizing, can help keep your lawn looking healthy. Ace Hardware Progress Ridge in Beaverton, Oregon, has a wide selection of watering equipment including soaker hoses, sprinklers, sprinkler systems, sprinkler replacement parts, water timers, and more.

Lawn watering frequency depends on different factors such as climate, season and soil type. Most grass requires about one inch of water every week for healthy growth. It is best to water in the morning or the cooler part of the day to avoid water evaporation. Be sure to avoid overwatering as it can lead to a shallow root system and weeds, such as crabgrass.

For garden watering, monitor your garden daily to determine if more water is needed. This is particularly important during the growing season. Similar to lawns, gardens require approximately an inch of water once a week. The idea is to keep the soil lightly moistened, but not saturated. Overwatering can drown plants and leave little to no oxygen for plant roots. There are several ways you can determine if overwatering has occurred. Leaves may become yellow or dark (black) in color. Other indicators are slow-to-no growth, and plants may appear unresponsive to watering (do not perk up). Ace Progress Ridge has a great selection of garden watering supplies available to address every garden watering need.

For help finding the right watering equipment, visit one of our gardening experts. Or for more information, mouse over the Resources tab above.

  • Hoses
  • Rain Barrels
  • Water Timers
  • Hose Reels
  • Sprinklers
  • Faucet Covers
  • Nozzles & Wands
  • Sprinkling Cans

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