Lawn & Garden Tools

Taking care of your lawn and garden requires the right lawn equipment, garden tools and know-how to get the results you are looking for. At Ace Hardware Progress Ridge, we can help you with both. Our selection of lawn tools and garden tools along with our lawn and garden advice will help you take on your outdoor projects with confidence.

Ace Progress Ridge has yard tools and even landscaping tools to cultivate and manicure an ideal outdoor living space . A beautiful lawn not only provides an appealing spot for the kids to play or a place to entertain guests, it can also provide curb appeal and enhance the value of your home.

If you have a green thumb and enjoy spending your free time tending to your flowers or vegetables, you can count on Ace Progress Ridge for quality gardening tools to get the job done. We have both short handle and long handle tools to accommodate any gardening task and garden carts and wheelbarrows to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

  • Axes, Picks, Sledgehammers
  • Hand Garden Tools
  • Scoops, Shovels, Spades
  • Forks, Hoes, Rakes
  • Post Hole Diggers
  • Vegetable Hooks & Fruit Pickers
  • Turf Tools
  • Pruning & Trimming Tools
  • Specialty Tools
  • Specialty Garden Products

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