Home composting is not only a great way to help out the environment, but it helps you save money by providing nutrient rich material that you can use in your landscaping and gardening. Ace Hardware Progress Ridge offers great composters to help get you started on creating your own compost for your yard.

Composting involves combining organic materials, such as yard waste and fruit and vegetable peels, into a compost piles or compost bins. These materials must be kept moist and turned regularly with a shovel or rake. The combination of these organic materials, along with water and oxygen, causes the materials to break down into what eventually becomes a rich soil-like material that can be used to grow and maintain the plants in your yard.

Purchasing composting bins is your first step. Ace Progress Ridge offers several types of composters to help keep your compost in a neat, contained area and protect the material from animals such as mice and raccoons. Bins are available in several designs, such as an enclosed box with air slits on the sides, that allow for oxygen to reach the compost. Compost bins may also be made of metal wire or mesh materials.

Compost tumblers are another option that can speed up the composting process. The compost tumbler is essentially a compost bin that sits above the ground on a metal stand that can be easily turned, or tumbled, which may decrease the amount of time it takes for the compost to fully mature.

If you are ready to start saving money on lawn care materials, while also reducing waste and helping the environment, it’s time to start composting. Ace Progress Ridge offers a selection of compost bins and can help you get started with tips which can be found under the Resources tab above.

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