Portable Heaters

Portable Heaters

When the cold, wet Northwest weather sets in, space heaters can supplement the heat in your home, garage or other living spaces. Ace Hardware Progress Ridge carries a range of space and portable heaters, including infrared, convection, ceramic heaters and more to suit your comfort level and specific requirements.

With so many types of heaters to choose from, it helps to understand some high level advantages and differences. While many people select heaters for reasons of convenience and relatively low operating costs, it’s important to understand how different types of electric heaters warm the air.

Infrared heaters, for example, tend to just provide directional heat, heating only the part of the room in the direction they are facing. Ceramic heaters, on the other hand, provide more uniform heat distribution for all-over room comfort.

For more information on space heaters, including other kerosene and convection heaters, stop in to Ace Hardware Progress Ridge or check out our heaters guide.

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