Air Conditioning

Choosing air conditioners is a simple process with help from Ace Hardware Progress Ridge. The most important piece of information you need to know is approximate room size. From here, you will be able to determine the number of BTUs (British Thermal Units: units of energy) required of an air conditioner to cool your room (Use the calculator in the Quick Tip on this page). Once you know how many BTUs you will need you can choose the model with the look and price you like the best.

Most portable air conditioning units offer temperature control options, energy saving settings and appropriate air conditioning equipment to set up everything just right. You will want to use the sill supports that most window units come with, as well as the expandable sides to ensure a tight fit to reduce drafts. Keep in mind, if you have an open floor plan and good circulation, with the help of a ceiling fan or room fan, you can cool an entire floor of your house from a single unit, provided its BTUs are high enough. Strategically installing a couple air conditioning units can be more cost effective than purchasing and running whole home air conditioning systems.

Ace Progress Ridge makes it easy to find, buy and install the air conditioning systems you need in your home. For more advice on choosing the perfect system stop in to Ace Progress Ridge today.

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