Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor Lighting

WBrighten up your outdoor space with outdoor lighting from Ace Hardware Progress Ridge. Outdoor lightingnot only illuminates your exterior, but it also can provide safety benefits, while adding a touch of style to your yard or patio.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing exterior lighting for your home. First, determine where the outdoor lighting will be placed. Landscape lighting can help feature scenic areas of your yard, while a floodlight can illuminate your driveway for safety purposes. Next, consider the energy source that will best fit your needs. The most commonly available are solar and low voltage lighting.

Solar lighting is the easiest outdoor lighting to install. Outdoor solar lights absorb the sun’s energy throughout the day and store this energy in the batteries within the lights. At night the batteries have enough power stored up to illuminate the lights for up to eight hours (timing may vary). Solar lighting is energy efficient and can be installed anywhere there is decent exposure to sunlight.

Low voltage outdoor lighting is powered by a power pack which is fed through a standard electrical outlet connection and will stay illuminated regardless of the weather conditions. Low voltage lighting requires a cable that will run the length of the lights to the power pack. For this reason, low voltage lighting will require some planning and measurement prior to installation. Be sure to carefully read and follow the installation directions for all low voltage lighting.

We offer a variety of lighting options that will keep your exterior inviting and safe. For more information on home maintenance moments or advice on installing outdoor lighting stop into Ace Progress Ridge or visit AceHardware.com.

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